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The Refeel Method

The Refeel Method is an emotional intelligence tool that can be used to break down anything from emotional trauma to minor emotional distress. It’s a portable and flexible method that helps you re-feel your values and emotions in order to empower any area of your life.

How Emotional Pain Works

If you place your arm on top of a candle, and you feel pain, the natural response would be to pull back so that you don’t burn yourself. Less natural would be to take a painkiller or do some therapy to try to let go of the pain. Therefore, in most cases, physical pain works as a messenger.

Emotional pain acts in the same way. If we understand the message, we can choose to take action and stop being a victim of our own emotions. However, if we become indifferent or try to let go of the pain, the harm can worsen. Therapy, support groups, pills and alternative healing methods could help to seek temporary relief, but they may not solve the problem in the long term.

In the same way that physical pain acts as a messenger, emotional pain helps to inform us that our actions or our environment are not meeting our emotional values.

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