Welcome to the Fantasy World of Positive Thinking

Welcome to the Fantasy World of Positive Thinking

Did you know that positive thinking can bring you true happiness and peace of mind with no drama or suffering?

Anyone preaching this fantasy is trying to sell you a product or a service. Anyone preaching eternal happiness through a belief system is trying to slave your mind. So, what is the truth of life? I don’t know, and I’m OK with that.

I don’t need to know ‘the truth’ in order to live a wonderful life.

I’m not here to preach about the ultimate truth. I’m here to share my emotions, my values, and my humble beliefs with you, as I help my clients dismiss their fantasies. That’s what I do: I’m a fantasy buster, I’m a coach for emotional trauma.

Does that even exist? Well, now it does. I just made it up.

If we compare our life to a fantasy, we lose. Chronic stress stems from this. So, if you’re ready to get real, I welcome you to grow, cry and have a laugh with me as we discover the beauty of living an authentic life, and not a fantasy based on positive thinking. So…

Why is Positive Thinking Making you Miserable?

The search for happiness through positive thinking is an illusion. That is my humble belief. We are amazing creatures designed to constantly grow and evolve. This is the strongest survival instinct that is present in all living creatures. So, how do we grow? We grow when we are challenged.

When we perceive that our environment is ‘challenging’ our survival and our emotional values, we grow. This perception draws out our survival instinct and emotional values. Our ancestors managed to survive by thriving through exposure to challenges, not by hiding away in their comfort zone. And we are no different.

Challenges cause a negative emotional impact. But when we perceive that this impact is positive, we cease to grow. Our brain is starved of challenging emotions. If you don’t fulfil your life with meaningful challenges, your brain manifests meaningless drama in order to stimulate artificial growth.

Now you know why we’re such drama queens…!

So, why does our brain manifest meaningless drama? We all have a negative emotional quota that needs to be met periodically. If we don’t, we release that quota through cheap drama and moaning. That’s the birth of negative thinking: a necessary evil that shocks our brain with a healthy dose of negative emotions.

Now you know where negative thinking comes from.

When was the last time you were caught up in a meaningless drama? Do you get easily offended? Do you take things personally? Do you feel the urge to question this post? Great! Feel free to drain your emotional quota in the comment box below.